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Book three of The Estelle Series, Belief, is ready, are you?

Seriously, are you? Because it’s awesome.

So if you’re behind, let me start at the beginning. I was for long years a cartoonist and now I am a writer. They are in many ways the same thing, except cartoonists must be brief, and have a pretty lax view of punctuation rules. (If a comma mars the beauty of the bubble, then why?) Okay, maybe their view isn’t lax, maybe it’s more, discriminating. I used to suffer over a sentence, trying to get to the gist, the joke, the essence of the thought.

Now I write, but that desire, to get to the point is there, and my point—that the world is a wondrous, beautiful, happy, hopeful place, especially when mothers and babies and families and women are honored and respected and loved and…

Well, that all remains true, and so I write stories with a point.I’m also a lactivist, still. And what better way to promote breastfeeding, than the world of YA literature?

I started with one book, Bright.

This is a great book that is sure to be a classic for young readers. The story of Estelle Wells is as inspiring as it is poignant. A young girl living with every luxury but wondering what else is out there. An inspirational tale that weaves together past and present, love and loss, passion and fear. Estelle epitomizes the power and passion of the teenage mind and heart and shows us what one person is capable of if she questions everything and follows her dreams. It is also a diversion from so many modern tales of power through aggression and war, as the main character and her comrades stand up for what is right through nonviolence and intense loyalty to their cause…even when they weren’t sure what they were standing for. I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait to read it again. It is a coming of age masterpiece! -J. Schilling-Wigley

And I introduced a character, Mj, who is a breastfeeding, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, baby slinging mama. You’re welcome.


Then I wrote a sequel, Beyond. A lot of things happened to Estelle in the first book and though she was strong, the case could be made that she was rescued. In book two Estelle rescues someone she loves. She becomes courageous.

I don’t want to give too much away, but Beyond was a wonderful follow-up to Bright. Things became intense early on, and I was thoroughly gripped by unexpected turns, interesting characters, and a story that felt simultaneously like fantasy and yet all-too-possible. I rarely re-read books, but this is one I’ll happily buy in print and share with my daughters. While I’m sure it’s probably considered “young adult”, I can definitely imagine my 10 year old falling in love with this series, and eventually my 7 year old too. To the author, thank you especially for William. He made me smile and laugh numerous times. And for MJ. She’s my dream friend, haha! – R.B.

In this book, Mj becomes pregnant again and invites Estelle to her home birth.

Now the last of the series, Belief is ready. Estelle’s insistance that change is possible has created a sh*tstorm of repercussions, what will she do, when she’s responsible for it all?


Mj, the AP character, is a small role, but here’s a sample:

It was late. The rest of the family had tucked in for the night. Little Bea, though she wasn’t very little anymore, was in Mj’s sling, fast asleep, arms splayed, chubby legs poking out, top of her head sleep-sweaty. She barely woke up, though Mj had picked her up from the bed, put her in the sling, and carried her downstairs. Once Mj sat down, Bea nudged and wiggled, meaning she wanted to nurse, so Mj lifted her shirt in mid-sentence, without a thought. I laughed to myself that I used to find that shocking and now it was so commonplace I hardly noticed it. William must have been thinking the same thing because I glanced at him and he winked.   —From Belief (Book Three of The Estelle Series)

These things, romance, family, and strong, inspiring women are the point of these stories, and I really hope that the characters will become some of your family’s favorites.


Heather Cushman-Dowdee

writing as H.D. Knightley


Time and what I’ve been up to…

Sadly, Dear Friend, I’ve been allowing this blog to languish while I write novels. I like writing, come to find out, and telling stories and, most importantly, my kids like to read what I’ve written. So I’m doing that.

I have a few, and please don’t let the pen name confuse you. H.D.Knightley is me. To prove it: check out the character in Bright that breastfeeds, Mj. You’re welcome.


I’ll write more about those later, but in the meantime, here’s a comic, Boogie Woogie, from 2011:


I know you have a million things to look at in a day, and the most important is the sparkling light in your lovely’s eye. Thank you for spending a second on me.
Yours sincerely,

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And if you want all the best, in your face, breastfeeding comics…buy the book!
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A collection of more than ten years of Hathor the Cowgoddess and Mama Is Comic cartoons. Every comic about nursing in public, the benefits of breast milk, and the antics of a mama pushed to the edge of outrage and exhibitionism. It’s fun!

Similac’s Mommy Wars video…thoughts

Similac’s Mommy Wars video
Similac produced a new video about the perils of the mommy wars and how ultimately we should come together and stop our battles. I posted the video on my page because, ironically, the day the ad filmed I was in the park sitting on a picnic blanket. There also happened to be another mother/author who has written a book about attachment parenting standing there too. The irony put this ad on my radar, What are the odds?

When I was first starting out, pregnant, eighteen years ago, I learned everything I needed to know through the unsolicited advice of strangers. I bought books on pregnancy and birth and they sucked, they told me how to go along. It was a mother that worked with me that mentioned hiring a midwife, I had never heard of such a thing except historically. It was a group of mothers who told me that they had a home births. It was a group of mothers who told me that my idea, ‘breastfeeding for three months’ was a great place to start, but maybe I should reserve the right to continue. And finally it was at a La Leche League meeting that I found solutions for the millions of things that didn’t seem to be working about breastfeeding.

I found this new information through an archaic idea, mother to mother support, and it was awesome. The advice was non-judgemental in its intention and perhaps more importantly my perception. Mother to mother support created the momentum that built the surge in breastfeeding that we all experience and benefit from today. Mother to mother support is extremely powerful.

The Mommy Wars didn’t exist. And whether the first battle line was drawn by a judgmental mother, or a mother who erroneously perceived herself judged. The corporations that peddle baby stuff profit handsomely by fanning the flames. They make it all but impossible to go back to helping each other with their fake breastfeeding education and ‘sanctimonious forgiving’ if you have difficulty breastfeeding.

Mother to mother support is all but gone—unless a mother asks, and you can tell she really wants to know, and you phrase your answer perfectly well, and apologize profusely for any missteps—but why would she ask, when she believes a judgment is coming?

Now Similac wants to tell us that the Mommy Wars are silly and that we should just think of the children and stop. Better yet Agree to Disagree. This solution is still more of the same, divisive and controlling. It makes them money if we argue and don’t help each other. It makes them money if we agree that we are all equally silly and don’t have any help to give.

It’s still not Mother to Mother support in all of its glory. We shouldn’t agree to disagree as if all things are equal. All actions aren’t equal. And everyone of us still has things to learn.

We mothers are amazing wondrous caring people. We give birth and feed our young and most of the time we learn as we go. It’s a difficult process but Mother to Mother support can be transformative.

So please don’t buy into the idea that the Mommy Wars exist, don’t judge or feel judged and voila! they’re all gone. And the inverse, please don’t agree to disagree, or not help, or  pass along your wisdom. It’s not the way we grow and learn. Instead, ask for help, seek out advice, offer support and maybe just maybe we can get our power back.

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Writing Novels and Kickstarter Campaigns

Dear reader, member, fan and friend,

I took off about 9 months to work on a novel that I had been puttering around with for OH, about 9 years. It’s been an odyssey or better yet, a gestation of sorts. The book is not about breastfeeding or attachment parenting, though it is not not about them either. Is that confusing or hopefully enticing enough?

Here’s some of what it is about, from the kickstarter campaign:

Have you ever looked around and thought, This is all so wrong? Or, A bulldozer would fix this situation nicely? Or, Regardless of the repercussions, a hammock and sleeping under the stars would be mighty fine right about now?

If you have, then Estelle, the protagonist of Bright, is your kind of revolutionary.


Kickstarter is an all or nothing funding platform. I’m attempting to raise $2500 and I’m  half-way there! Bright is finished (except for some typo checkin’). The editor, Denine Dawson, is giving it the last look-over. I’m raising money to pay my editor, because the bill is coming due.

That’s where you come in.

I’ve been working on this story for a really long time. I do hope you’ll help me finish it up and send it out into the world.

Here’s a sample chapter: Chapter 22, a lot to learn

Thank you so much for listening and peace to you and yours,



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That’s Spectacular!

So, where was I? My father ad brother are visitig ad the ” o my computer keyboard is broke. I’ll leave it up to you to guess which one;o) Oh, it worked agai, wait, no it didn’t. Yes, it did! Okay, I either have to go buy a new keyboard or I don’t. And yes, the ‘n’ is working again, so YAY! That was confusing, I know, but just a taste of the week I have been having. My baby turned four years old and my father turned 69 on the same day that the Easter Bunny visited our house. It was quite the spectacle, and then to make it even more exciting we went to 6 flags the next day, FUN! So, since I still have company, but have a couple of moments, here’s a comic that I created almost 2 weeks ago ;o) Please don’t forget that I have a new book for sale, going fast!!!!


Hathor the Cowgoddess, Year 2007

The book is here! (it was two e-books before, now it’s all hold-in-your-hand real and everything ;o) Fondle it, caress the cover, fold over the corners, use it as a coaster, leave it on the coffee table for that Aunt that always asks, “Haven’t you weaned yet?” to see. The cover is in full color, the interior is in beautiful full-spectrum black and white, what could be more wonderful?

Hathor the Cowgoddess Year 2007

Broccoli Eater

I’m working on a series of comics about a statement in this article: Fearless Formula Feeders specifically that rates of breastfeeding are ‘spectacular’ because 19 out of 20 new mothers report that they breastfed at least once. This week I also heard Attachment Parenting called “the dominant parenting philosophy” of our time. This was on a blog post that claimed that mothers who self-identify as a attachment parenting mothers are (sneeringly) ‘tribal’ and ‘insecure’ and ‘aggressive’ and that, it’s tantamount to a mental disorder for someone that’s in a majority, to falsely claim to be in a minority just for the sympathy and the rebellion of it all. Indeed, I was going to do an entire series on THAT bit of freudian logic alone, but when I went back to the blog post the ‘dominant philosophy’ part was taken out. I guess the writer was clued into their hypocrisy by someone, drat them. Truth is, breastfeeders are still a minority of the populace and if you want to say that everyone who has breastfed at least once is a breastfeeder, then yes, we start to look like a majority, but seriously, that’s just on paper. And why do you want to get breastfeeders to look like a majority? So that mothers that don’t breastfeed can get the kudos of speaking truth to power, the sympathy vote? And here you have it, infant formula becomes an act of rebellion. SURE. Oh, and guess what sells? Rebellion sells.

I did some research on why there are a number of ‘parenting philosophers’ calling Attachment Parenting the dominant philosophy. firstly, they’re the ones decrying the philosophy, so I submit to you they are the ‘backlash’, and that they are usually taking money from the formula companies. AND I find they’re talking about an overall and general ‘kids first’ mentality. Yes, and good, if that’s true, then I’m glad that’s the dominant philosophy. I’m concerned that this ‘kids first’ version of Attachment Parenting is often falsely expressed in too much stuff: classes, planned activities, toys, but if putting kids needs out in front is where we are in this world then hallelujah!

Attachment parenting, as far as I’m concerned, is a set of actions, often beginning with natural childbirth (that’s the one that’s not an absolute, as mothers often have no personal control over the birth), exclusive and extended breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, and a general hanging-out with and respecting of kids, that’s attachment parenting. I live in California, in the land of Dr. Sears, and even here it’s obvious AP is not the dominant philosophy. There are no statistics on attachment parenting, that I can find, but exclusive breastfeeding rates are probably okay stand-ins. In the US exclusive breastfeeding rates through three months are 36%, not a majority and NOT a dominant parenting philosophy.

I’m thinking that when ‘parenting philosophers’ claim that attachment parenting is “dominant”, or that breastfeeding rates are ‘spectacular’ they’re trying to falsely place them in a majority and hence place themselves in a minority, definitely a comfortable place to be if you want to get sympathy, inspire rebellion, and ultimately raise funding. Your thoughts?


I’d also like to point out that this comic is a rare glimpse at my diet almost exclusively chocolate, viva la Broccoli Eaters!!!!